Landis Gyr E330-Focus Polyphase3

Landis Gyr E330 FOCUS AX+E350AX-SDSingle Phase

Key Benefits
• Digital Multiplication Measurement technique
• Non-volatile memory
• Designed for a 20+ year life
• Meets or exceeds industry and ANSI standards
• Uses ANSI protocol (between meter and advanced metering device)
• 6 digit LCD and 3 Alpha ID
• Selectable meter multiplier
• Service limiter function
• Event log of 500+ entries
• 77 kb of load profile memory, 1–8 channels
• Advanced second generation over-the-air-flashable firmware

The Next Generation of Advanced Residential Metering

The FOCUS® AX-SD is an advanced meter platform with features that rival any meter in its class. With available service disconnect integrated into the meter base, utilities can take advantage of the 200 Amp relay to disconnect power or limit service remotely using an advance metering technology or manually at the meter. The combination of the FOCUS Service Disconnect base module and powerful AX register provides a flexible system that supports a variety of connect/disconnect and service-limiting applications.

A single circuit board design, mounted at the front of the meter, allows room for modular advanced metering communications or a KYZ option output board. Fewer parts and connectors throughout the board design increase reliability and contribute to better overall endpoint performance. Highly accurate load performance and the use of a field-proven Digital Multiplication Measurement Technique ensure reliability and dependability during the entire life of the FOCUS meter.

Meter reconfiguration can be accomplished optically through the configuration port located on the front cover.

• Select from displayable positive, negative, net and added (security) metrics
• Change the displayed information, order or digits
• Configure a CT/PT meter multiplier to obtain a direct reading
• Preset or reset kWh

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing the best metering solution in terms of capability, technology and affordability. By utilizing our experience and technology with that of our strategic allies and development partners, we provide metering solutions that cover the range of utilities’ residential metering needs.

General Specifications
Active Energy “kWh-kW” meter
Digital Multiplication Measurement Technique
Non-Volatile Memory
Designed for 20+ years life
Meets ANSI standards for performance
Utilizes ANSI protocol (between meter and AMI device)
9-Digit LCD
Display scroll sequence programmable (factory or end user)
Configuration Port – cover does not have to be removed or optional ANSI C12.18 optical port available
Operating Temperature -40C to +85C under cover
Nominal Voltage 120V or 240V
Operating Voltage 80% to 115% of Vn
Frequency 60Hz +/- 5%
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity, non condensing

Starting Load (Watts)
Class 20 0.005 Amp (0.6W)
Class 100 0.030 Amp (3.6W)
Class 200 0.050 Amp (12W)
Class 320 0.080 Amp (19.2W)
Class 480 0.120 Amp (28.8W)

Voltage Burden < 1.9W Max
Load Performance Accuracy Accuracy Class 0.5% – typical accuracy 0.2% / Exception: Form 36S 0.5%
Available Forms Self-Contained 1S, 2S, 2SE, 12S, 25S / Transformer Rated 3S, 4S / K-Base 2K
Display Options Energy Metrics: +kWh, -kWh, Net kWh, and added kWh (Security) / Metric Energy Display Format – 4×1, 4×10, 5×1, 5×10, 6×1 or 6×10
Time of Use and Demand Billing
AMI Platform Modular or Integrated
Selectable Meter Multiplier Up to 4096 as result of PT ratio • CT ratio

Applicable Standards
ANSI C12.1 for electric meters
ANSI C12.10 for physical aspects of watt hour meters
ANSI C12.18 Protocol specifications for ANSI Type 2 Optical Port
ANSI C12.19 Utility Industry End Device Data Tables
ANSI C12.20 for electricity meters, 0.2 and 0.5 accuracy classes
CAN3-C17-M84 Canadian specifications for approval of type of electricity meters

Service Disconnect
10,000 operations at full rated current (disconnect/connect) / Available forms: 1S, 2S, 12S, 25S