Landis Gyr E650 S4e meters

Landis Gyr E650 S4e

Load Profile
• 128K on-board option available
• Up to 15 channels from choice of 24 metrics available in S4e meter

Key Benefits
• KYZ with Programmable Pulse Output Value
• Demand Threshold Alert
• Voltage Threshold Alert
• Diagnostics
• Load Control
• Up to two inputs from external devices
• Pulses input to load profile
• Activate real-time rate
• Optional transformer loss compensation
• AMI friendly

Enhanced metering for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Built on the time-tested platform, the S4e extends the “build a meter concept” into the realm of open-architecture protocol, fully supporting the ANSI C12.18, C12.19 and C12.21 communication protocol standards.

A changing meter for a changing market

The S4e maintains its flexibility with a FLASH technology programmable microprocessor. Field re-probrammability via the ANSI standard type II optical port preserves your investment with the evolving requirements of the ANSI protocol, and changing demands of the market. The S4e incorporates 128k of on-board memory storage for load profile, self-reads and event logs providing an easy upgrade path without the need for an additional option board. Load profile can be configured for up to 15 channels of information from a choice of 24 different storage metrics.

The build-a-meter concept provides modular growth in the S4e with software upgrades for time of use, reactive energy metering, transformer lkoss compensation, load profile as well as the flexibility of adding any combination of communication and relay option boards.

The S4e is an ‘AMI friendly’ meter with the largest space under the cover for AMI integration. A wide range of modular and integrated communication options are currently available, either factory installed or for retrofit. Technologies include power line carrier, mesh network, digital cellular, RS-232, RS-485 and the advanced modem.

General Specifications
Active Energy “kWh-kW” and optional Reactive kVAh-kVA kVARh-kVAR
Digital Multiplication Measurement Technique
Non-Volatile Memory
Designed for 20+ years life
Meets ANSI standards for performance
Utilizes ANSI protocol (between meter and AMI device)
9 digit LCD
Display scroll sequence programmable (factory or end user)

Operating Temperature -40C to 85C under cover
Operating Voltage 60% to 115% of Vn
Frequency 50 or 60Hz +/- 5%
Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity, non condensing

Accuracy Class
Class 20, 120, 200 & 320 Meters +/- 0.2%
Class 480 Meters and Forms 36S, 29S, 36A +/- 0.5%
Over Voltage Withstand
Temporary (.5 sec) 150% rated voltage
Continuous (5 hours) 120% rated voltage

Applicable Standards
ANSI C12.1 for electric meters
ANSI C12.10 for physical aspects of watt hour meters
ANSI C12.20 for electricity meters, 0.2 and 0.5 accuracy classes
CAN3-C17-M84 Canadian specifications for approval of type of electricity meters
CAN3-Z234.4-79 Canadian Specs for all numeric dates and times

Voltage Burden ≤ 2.5W

Landis+Gyr Communication
2 Way Gridstream RF
2 Way Gridstream PLC
1 Way PLC
1 Way Fixed Network RF

Third Party Communication
Aclara STAR Network — RF
Aclara TWACS Technology — PLC
Metrum CDMA/1xRTT and GSM/GPRS under glass
Cooper Power Systems 2 Way PLC
Silver Spring Network 2 Way RF Mesh