Landis Gyr E650S4x

Landis Gyr E650 S4x Polyphase

Enhanced Metering for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Expanding upon the industry-leading flexibility of Landis+Gyr polyphase meters, the E650 S4x sets a new standard for versatility in a C&I metering platform. Out of the box, the S4x is a full-featured C&I meter that provides four-quadrant measurements of active and reactive energy, load profile, and TOU without a battery when existing on an AMI network.

The E650 S4x provides the metrics utilities need to take full advantage of advanced grid management technologies. Delivered, received, and per quadrant measurements of active, reactive, and apparent energy are all simultaneously calculated, as are their respective demand values. Additionally, the S4x provides two alternative methods for calculating reactive and apparent energy and demand values. They can be either directly measured or vectorially derived, giving an electric utility the ultimate flexibility in how they measure and bill their customers.

The E650 S4x provides all of its metrics at significantly higher resolution than most competitive C&I meters. All energy and demand metrics are stored with milliunit resolution. All instrumentation metrics such as voltage, current, and phase are stored in microunits.

The E650 S4x raises the bar on security and tamper detection capabilities. A tilt and vibration sensor can identify significant shock force applied to the meter. A dedicated Hall effect sensor is used to detect strong magnetic field presence. The physically actuated cover removal switch can trigger an alarm and log an event. A new optical port lockout feature allows total control over port access through a compatible communication module.

The S4x has significantly more RAM, ROM, and non-volatile memory for load profile, self-reads, and event logs. Standard 16 channel load profile memory of 256 KB can be upgraded to 1 MB without the need for additional hardware.

• Four-quadrant measurement
• Delivered and received kW, kVA and kVAR demands
• Two alternate methods of VAR and VA calculation
• Milliunit energy and demand resolution
• Microunit instrumentation resolution

• 16 CH 256K standard, 1 MB option
• 2nd recorder option
• 32 bit data storage

• Enhanced Gridstream RF module
• I/O board
• Three-phase power supply

• Magnetic tamper detection
• Cover removal switch
• Tilt and vibration sensor

• Series 5
• Series 6