The Landis Gyr Series 5 Network Integrated WanGate Radio

Landis Gyr Network Integrated WAN Radio

Key Benefits

  • Interoperability – Integrates with numerous partners and supported devices using common protocols.
  • Distributed Intelligence – Supports programming at the radio level for near real-time monitoring and control functions.
  • Individual Message Prioritization – Allows end devices to interface with other smart grid applications and functions.
  • Dynamic Routing – Supports independent and intelligent routing by each radio in the mesh network.
  • Data Security – Assures integrity and reliability through encryption security and error-checking algorithms.
  • Downloadable Code – Provides easily downloaded over-the-air firmware updates.


Serial Connectivity for Advanced RF Mesh Networks

The Landis+Gyr Series 5 Network Integrated WanGate Radio (IWR) provides a utility’s wireless RF mesh network with new capabilities, including remote data collection and end-device monitoring and control. This radio enables full two-way peer-to-peer communication to all devices within the network. Additionally, the Series 5 Network IWR Radio can be used as a radio to directly interface with intelligent end devices such as reclosers, switches, and capacitor banks. It offers additional advanced functionality such as individual message prioritization, automatic network registration, and on-board memory for localized intelligence. Using programmable applets, these radios provide customized control capabilities to distributed devices, improving near real-time monitoring and control functions.

Input Voltage Range 6 to 28 VDC
Current 0.038 – 0.320A
RAM Memory 640 KB
FLASH Memory 2MB + 4MB External
Clock Speed 120MHz
Communication Protocol
IEEE 802.15.4g
(RF Mesh / RF Mesh IP protocol)
RF Frequency Range 902 – 928 MHz
Channel Spacing
400 kHz (RF Mesh IP protocol)
100, 100, 300 kHz (RF Mesh protocol)
RF Data Rate
50, 150, 200 kbps (RF Mesh IP protocol)
9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 115.2, 300 kbps
(RF Mesh protocol)