Landis Gyr SCADA Center External Application Connection

• Connects real-time and corporate systems
• Energy Management
• Customer Information
• Outage Management
• Provides shared access to Gridstream network
• Supports simultaneous DNP connections to multiple applications

Access Network Radios from Multiple Applications

SCADA Center External Application Connection (EAC) is a component of the SCADA Center Enterprise Information System (EIS). EIS provides a connectivity portal that bridges the gap between real-time and corporate systems. It interfaces with both operational and non-operational systems, such as energy management, customer information, outage management and maintenance systems. In addition, it provides an interface to real-time data for direct corporate users, such as managers, engineers, planners, and technicians. EAC is an add-on module for the SCADA Center Intelligent Communication Gateway, Advanced Substation Platform and the Transmission/Distribution SCADA system.

Head-End Multiplexer

EAC provides an interface for simultaneous shared access to Gridstream head-end radios. Now, you no longer need a dedicated head-end radio for each application. EAC multiplexes communication from multiple external applications into a shared head-end radio.


EAC works seamlessly with RadioShop, using the IP Head End feature introduced in version 4.0. EAC appears as one or more IP Head Ends to RadioShop. Each Head End manages a shared head-end radio. RadioShop commands and reports are passed through EAC to the head-end radio. Replies and data from field radios are routed to the proper EAC connector and returned to the originating RadioShop instance. EAC supports simultaneous connections from multiple instances of RadioShop. With EAC, multiple RadioShop users can share access to head-end radios.

DNP Applications

EAC appears as a DNP/IP connection to DNP applications. DNP commands are received by EAC and routed to the proper end devices, based on the device protocol address. EAC maintains a mapping table from DNP protocol addresses to Gridstream endpoint radio WAN addresses. This mapping is maintained on a connection-by-connection basis, so the same DNP addresses can be used for different devices on different connections. In addition, EAC supports simultaneous connections from multiple DNP applications.