Landis Gyr Series 4 IP Radio

Landis Gyr Series 4DA IP Radio

Key Benefits
• Interoperability – Ability to integrate with numerous partners and supported devices using common protocols.
• Distributed Intelligence – Supports programming at the radio level for near real time monitoring and control functions.
• Individual Message Prioritization – Allows end-devices to interface with other smart grid applications and functions.
• Dynamic Routing – Independent and intelligent routing by each radio in the mesh network.
• Data Security – Encryption security and error-checking algorithms assure integrity and reliability.
• Downloadable Code – Firmwareupdates easily downloaded over the air.

IP Connectivity For Advanced RF Mesh Network
The Landis+Gyr Series 4 IP Radio helps form the powerful Gridstream RF wireless mesh network used in Distribution Automation and Demand Response applications. The radio provides basic mesh functions such as full two-way, peer-to-peer communication to all devices within the network, asynchronous spread spectrum frequency hopping, and dynamic message routing to ensure network performance and reliability.

The Series 4 IP Radio is typically used as a DA access point for the mesh network and as a directly connected communication interface with intelligent end devices such as reclosers, switches, and capacitor banks. It offers additional advanced functionality such as individual message prioritization, automatic network registration, and on-board memory for localized intelligence. Through the use of programmable applets, the radios can be used to provide distributed device control capabilities.

The IP Radio provides accessibly from numerous host applications to any device within a Gridstream wireless mesh network through an RJ-45 Ethernet port. Using TCP/IP, the IP Radio can support multiple logical connections into the mesh network. These connections can be configured to support LAN Packet Protocol or act as a transparent port for any asynchronous, byte-oriented protocol over IP such as DNP/IP or Modbus/IP.

The Series 4 IP Radios are housed in an extruded aluminum enclosure and operate on 6 to 28 VDC. The radios utilize a standard SMA-type, female antenna connection and a bi-colored LED is used for radio status information.

Product Part Number 26-1317
Size 4.25W x 5.77D x 1.72H inches
Weight 1.10 lb.
Operating Temperature -40C to +85C (internal ambient of enclosure)
Operating Voltage 6 – 28 VDC
Current Input for Receive mode / 12 VDC Operation – 38 mA (typical)
Input for Transmit mode / 12VDC Operation – 320 mA (typical)
RF Output Power 21, 25, 30 dBm (user selectable)
General Radio Items Frequency Range – 902-928 MHz
Channel Spacing – 100 kHz or 300 kHz (dependent on mode)
Channels – 80 – 240 (dependent on mode)
RF Baud Rates – 9.6 – 115.2 kbps
Data Port RJ-45; 10/100 Mbps
Approvals FCC Certified Part 15.247
Industry Canada